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IPD In-frame Overhaul Kit for Caterpillar C15 6NZ w/ Crevice Seal Liner

Includes IPDSteel™ one piece pistons & CS Liners

IPDSteel™ Pistons

IPDSteel one piece pistons with IPD’s exclusive 1-piece oil dam, special engineered coatings, and precision-machined profile pin bores.

  • •IPD’s 1-piece oil dam plate design is simply better than 2-piece designs. IPD’s design provides improved durability/reliability and superior retention in comparison to 2-piece or welded-in plates, significantly reducing the likelihood of the plate falling out and causing a catastrophic failure.
    •Special anti-friction and break-in coatings engineered by IPD for enhanced high pressure deflection.
    •IPD's special precision machining and metrology operations accurately machine and measure extremely small tolerances required for the proper design of this highly technical piston.

Piston Rings

The top ring for this application is engineered with a special Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating, which is a process to produce a metal vapor that is deposited onto the electrically-conductive ring surface in a vacuum using a cathodic arc source. The result is a higher level of performance for this critical top ring location.

Piston Pins

IPD’s piston pins are made of a very extreme high strength alloy, among the strongest alloys made in the heavy-duty industry. The result is enhanced tensile strength and wear resistance.

Cylinder Liners

Both standard and IPD’s exclusive Crevice Seal liners are available. IPD Cylinder Liners are induction-hardened for improved wear resistance and strength, and plateau-honed for superior piston ring lubrication and load bearing characteristics. IPD Crevice Seal liners provide enhanced flange support by helping to restrict liner movement, thus providing added protection to the top chamfer of the cylinder block lower bore, the lower section of the liner, and the o-rings.

Gasket Sets

IPD uses premium materials designed for heavy-duty industrial engine applications. IPDStyle 1-2-3™ sets provide all the items you need to complete your overhaul, all in one easy to order part number.

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